Technical Advisory

MSC GREENHOUSES has a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and offers top quality technical advice.

MSC GREENHOUSES provides a service in which all the project's starting data are evaluated and, together with the client, the best option is studied to obtain maximum return on investment.


MSC GREENHOUSES owns own factories of greenhouses in various countries. The fact of having strategically located factories allows MSC to work in a very wide geographical area.

Always offering an optimal sales service, minimizing delivery time and prices, while offering a high quality product.

Technical direction

MSC has a large team of technicians specialized in the assembly of greenhouses and in the installation of auxiliary elements.

The experience gathered by MSC technicians, setting up greenhouses with very varied conditions in many countries, is a guarantee that the installation will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

The same team of technical specialists is responsible for the commissioning of the facilities ensuring optimal operation of them.

Turnkey project

MSC carries out turnkey projects, in which, in addition to the assembly of the greenhouse, all necessary actions are carried out for the correct installation of the same.

In this type of actions, the client has the experience of MSC to carry out all the work from the beginning of the project with the assurance that the assembly of the greenhouses will be carried out satisfactorily.

Technical Advisory

MSC is interested in the success of its clients. For this reason, it does not only carry out advisory work to choose the most adapted facilities for each situation, but also offers assistance on the best agrarian practices to carry out, once the greenhouses enter into operation.

MSC complements this service with training plans for production technicians, which can be carried out either in our facilities or in other greenhouses.

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